Managing your patient's chronic disease just got easier. Learn more about the vMetricsTM system and how it improves patient outcomes and reduces cost.


Ask your physician about vMetricsTM and how you can manage your warfarin dosage at home. You'll discover a new freedom and more time to do the things you love.


The FlexLife vMetricsTM system is the only product in its class to be developed in cooperation between NASA, the Cleveland Clinic and ZIN Technologies.

LifeWatch acquires FlexLife Health Inc., an INR monitoring company co-founded by the Cleveland Clinic

Zug/Switzerland, November 10, 2015 - LifeWatch(R) AG (SIX Swiss Exchange: LIFE), a leading developer and provider of medical solutions and remote diagnostic monitoring services in the digital health market, is pleased to announce the acquisition of FlexLife Health Inc., a company offering remote patient monitoring services in the area of coagulation measurement, by its subsidiary, LifeWatch Services Inc.

FlexLife Health Inc. is the leader in easy-to-use home monitoring devices that improves patient care and reduces treatment costs.

The vMetricsTM anticoagulation management system (AMS) allows patients and physicians to actively manage anticoagulation through remote PT/INR automated real-time monitoring.

The vMetricsTM System advances the quality of health care for both patient and physician. The system is a reconfigurable device that records and transmits a patient's physiologic parameters in realtime via cell phone, Bluetooth, WIFI, RF and wireless medical telemetry systems. It can be configured for a number of protocols in the cardiovascular, neurological, sleep disorder, obstetrics, and orthopedic fields. This capability can greatly reduce patient visits and costs while increasing testing frequency, convenience and overall quality of life.

The FlexLife vMetricsTM product addresses the problems of prior remote management systems.

Historically, large medical centers and physicians have not adopted the use of remote patient management (RPM) for oral anticoagulation care (OAC) due to various concerns including data security and integration with electronic medical record (EMR) systems, lack of realtime communication, complex interfaces and time-consuming processes.

The service offering and proprietary technology of the FlexLife vMetricsTM product coupled with a proven clinical trial at the Cleveland Clinic has successfully eliminated the provider's objections to adopting RPM for OAC. By overcoming these objections, the vMetricsTM system has a clear advantage over other remote medical devices.


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